Inventory Director serves campus from behind the scenes

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University Tennessee Inventory Director Scott Dunlap decided to leave his job driving big trucks and tractors to come to Johnson for the great community.

Dunlap has lived in Seymour his whole life. He went to trade school right after he graduated from Seymour High School.

He has had a passion for cars for the longest time, so he started to do the mechanics and restoration of cars.

Then, a good friend, who was a truck driver and an equipment operator, asked him to work with him.

Dunlap drove trucks for 25 years until many people from his church, who worked at Johnson, made it seem like it was a perfect place to work. Dunlap made the decision to leave everything for the job he has now with inventory at Johnson.

“Since they all work here, they were always painting a beautiful picture for Johnson,” Dunlap said. “And I thought…that sounds like a great place to work. And so I threw away my career, and came to Johnson.”

Dunlap and his crew set up for all of the events held at Johnson, such as the Miller Scott Christmas Banquet, Galentine’s Day and Coffeehouse.

“I’m not a teacher here at Johnson, but it’s the students that keep me here,” Dunlap said.

One of Dunlap’s greatest memories from working at Johnson is Christmas of 2018. He remembers as a kid that he only set up one tree and maybe a few decorations here and there, but he really enjoyed all the numerous decorations set up and the joy of Christmas.

In addition to working at Johnson, Dunlap also leads a small group for his church, Seymour Heights. At first, he was terrified to lead a small group, but he felt that God wanted him to do something to lead people, so he did it.

“What I found out is that typically anything I kind of don’t want to do in the back of my head, God will push me that way,” Dunlap said.

One of Dunlap’s hobbies is riding motorcycles. His first time actually riding one was when he was only five years old. He owns a couple of motorcycles and enjoys riding them whenever he can get a chance.

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