Johnson University addresses Covid-19, steps to help students

KISSIMMEE – Following Johnson University’s decision, made on March 26, to move all remaining Spring courses online, Johnson University Florida students have been provided with a combination of campus and online resources to facilitate the transition. 

Johnson University Tennessee and Florida faculty are working to be supportive as they transition students off campus and into online learning.

Executive Vice President Michael Chambers is leading the Incident Response team in Florida. He said JUFL staff have received a steady flow of information every day of the week.

“For now, we have tried to keep the focus on communicating clear, basic information needed by students to continue their studies and finish the semester successfully,” Chambers said. “We also are concentrating on keeping JUFL facilities in the best and safest condition possible, to ensure the safety of campus workers and residents.”

As the semester progresses, the library will continue to provide online resources, but on-campus library staff will also be available to make digital copies of resources for students. 

In addition, Florida’s registrar and program advisors have made themselves available to assist students preparing for the Fall semester. 

From Tennessee, IT assistance will be provided and The Academic Support Center will remain open online for students to make virtual appointments.

Director of Academic Support and Disability Services Kelly Estes sent out an email with steps for students to receive assistance.

“We have all of our coaches set up to assist you,” Estes said. “We have many avenues to do this, to make it as easy as possible.”

Although some Spring events in Florida have been canceled, faculty are arranging alternate opportunities for students.

Senior Commencement will be rescheduled later in the year, and Chapel will be replaced with an optional online prayer session on Facebook each Tuesday.

Students living on campus will be moving out throughout the next month. Students will be signing up to move out at different times to maintain social distancing. 

Students already received a refund credit for their meal plan and will be receiving a refund credit in April for room and board. 

Non-traditional students or students living on campus over the summer will continue to have access to mail, the Student Union building, and the swimming pool.

Despite the changes, JUFL faculty are discussing ways to facilitate students in this semester. In an email to students, Associate Professor of Humanities and Director of First-Year Programs Dr. Shawn Grant spoke on behalf of the JUFL faculty.

“We are here to walk with you through this moment of trial,” Grant said. “The faculty of JUFL loves you, is praying for you, and is committed to helping you succeed at this moment.”

On campus, Student Life, Facilities services, IT, Admissions, Advancement, and the business office will continue to be working, although in reduced availability. 

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