Men and Women’s Worship Nights begin this November

KNOXVILLE – First of student-led Men and Women’s Worship Nights to be held November 17 from 9:30 to 10:30 PM in the PW gym.

November 17 will be the first of the monthly Men and Women’s Worship Nights held on Johnson University’s Tennessee campus. Spiritual life leaders Austin Hall and Alyssa Smith have organized the event to include worship, a message, and communion.

Men and Women’s Worship will be held Nov. 17 at 9:30 p.m. in the Phillips-Welshimer Gym

Although this sounds similar to chapel, the message, as well as the entire event, of Men and Women’s Worship Night is completely student-led.

“There’s something different like ‘I sit beside that person in class; they identify with me,'” Hall said. “They struggle with the same thing we struggle with, and I feel like they can identify with me more.”

Johnson students are encouraged to go to worship night events like these, as it builds up the spirituality of students while also creating a stronger uncommon community.

“This is the one moment where we can make something ours,” Hall said. “It’s a time for us to be intentional with one another and lean on one another.”

In the past students would meet in their respective dorms for worship, but Hall and Smith have made the decision for students to meet both as a whole student body and separately every other month.

“I think some of the beauty in it…is we have a little bit of the flexibility to meet the individual needs based on the spiritual pulse of campus,” Smith said.

Monthly worship nights give students the opportunity to find hope in a time of confusion and lead peers closer to their Creator.

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