Student Government Association to host Coffeehouse, Nov. 9

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University Tennessee’s Student Government Association will be accepting auditions for the fall semester’s Coffeehouse event through midnight, Nov. 5.

“We’re looking for singing, songwriting, even poems and things like that,” said Alyssa Stauffer, a member of the Social Activities Committee within SGA.

This semester’s Coffeehouse event will be Disney-themed. Audition videos can be emailed to

Students are also welcomed to tell jokes, show artwork, or any other creative talents they possess. Those who want to be in the show must email an audition video to Mina Blaylock.

“It’s definitely not going to be like our normal Coffeehouse, but we’re going to make it work,” said Stauffer.

The event itself will begin at 7 p.m. and will take place in the PW Gym. The first 50 to attend will receive a ticket for a $1 coffee to be used through Nov. 18 at either of the on-campus coffeeshops.

Although this is different from previous years, SGA hopes the larger space will help to prevent the spread of illness or an increase in cases of coronavirus. They are currently working alongside the JU COVID-19 Response Team to ensure all social-distancing requirements are met while still providing students a space to socialize and unwind.

“I think that this is a great way for our campus community to come even when this Coffeehouse isn’t going to be like normal,” said Stauffer. “Just to see the different talents we don’t get to see on a normal basis. Some people who perform at Coffeehouse aren’t leading in Chapel.”

The event will be a great opportunity for the JU community to recognize and appreciate the diversity of talent on campus. It will also provide students with another chance to get out and make friends after a long season of quarantine.

Anyone interested in submitting an audition video can email it to

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