Matthew Best encourages cultural diversity, awareness at Johnson

KNOXVILLE – Matthew Best, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs at Johnson University’s Tennessee campus, engages the uncommon community by encouraging diversity and inclusion on campus.

In July of 2020, Best joined the staff of Johnson University Tennessee as the director of multicultural student affairs, as well as continuing his position as the Director of the organization Future of Hope. His main role has been to encourage non-white students while promoting equity and a place for community.

Matthew Best, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs at JUTN

“What does it look like for us to make Johnson feel a little bit more like home for students who wouldn’t naturally or easily fit in to the culture of Johnson?” Best said.

His leadership has made way for the Multicultural Student Affairs Center to be a central point on campus. Located across from the Gally Commons, the center provides a space for the Students Promoting Social Unity to meet and for all students to find community.

“The house itself is Johnson taking one small step in trying to make our campus more inclusive and more loving and better community for everybody,” Best said.

The Multicultural Student Affairs Center provides a space for SPSU to meet and discuss ways to improve campus community for all.

As Director, Best is actively taking steps to speak out and plan events to create opportunities for inclusion and understanding.

“I am talking with student life about different issues, planning events and trainings for faculty and staff…around cultural awareness,” Best said.”We are also excited about our new Black Student Ministries starting up.”

In only a year and a half, Best has been able to radically change the mindset and steps taken for a more culturally diverse and inclusive Johnson community.

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