Johnson University students have unique Thanksgiving plans amid pandemic

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University Tennessee students discuss their plans for Thanksgiving break in a time when things are different than usual.

Every fall semester JU students are given a Thanksgiving break. Many students tend to look forward to going home for Thanksgiving gatherings with friends and family.

Nicole Clarke, sophomore at Johnson University

This year, however, looks a bit different for many. Many JU students have very unique plans to still celebrate the holiday and make it as memorable as possible.

Some students, like Nicole Clarke, sophomore at JU, have altered their Thanksgiving celebrations to protect those in attendance.

“Obviously this semester looks different,” Clarke said. “We usually do big family dinners and stuff. We decided to do several socially-distanced Thanksgivings with small groups instead. And I’m a commuter, so there’s really no traveling.”

Sisters Miriam and Mikaela Graves, sophomores at Johnson University

Other students, such as Mikaela Graves, sophomore at JU, may be planning to visit virtually with their loved ones.

“Miriam and I are heading back to Texas to spend break with our family,” Graves said. “We’re really looking forward to going back, long drive and all. I’m excited. We’ll probably have a much smaller group for dinner than usual, but we are probably going to FaceTime everyone we’re missing.”

Other students have not had to adjust their plans at all. Maddie Landsberg, freshman at JU, shares her agenda for how she plans to spend her break from school.

Maddie Landsberg, freshman at Johnson University

“My family has never done anything super big for Thanksgiving, so this doesn’t affect my holiday plans much,” Landsberg said. “I’m gonna eat a lot of pie with my mom, watch The Great Pumpkin, and sleep. I will probably Zoom with my best friend and her family, though. It’s kinda cool, though; I don’t think I would’ve done that if all this hadn’t happened.”

The students at Johnson University have had a year full of unexpected happenings, but many of them are seeking out ways to still enjoy their time off from school and in the presence of family and friends.

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