Johnson University’s Academic Support Center offers student resources for success

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University’s Tennessee campus provides students access to free academic support, both in person and online.

Johnson University values its students’ success and works to provide access to support in many different ways. One resource offered to help students is the Academic Support Center.

Kelly Estes, head of Disability Services and Academic Support, encourages all students to take advantage of the Academic Support Center.

“Students should get involved because our service improves their GPA and grades, and we help our students understand what their professors want regarding papers and exams,” Estes said. “We also help students plan a weekly schedule and assignment calendar.”

Estes felt called to be in the positions of Disability and Academic Services, because she has firsthand experience with the benefits of these kinds of resources.

Kelly Estes, head of Disability Services and Academic Support

“Whether the student learns skills such as time management, writing, reading, organization, or other areas of need, I have worked really hard to make the Academic Support Center welcoming and a place of refuge,” Estes said.

Estes hopes to assist students in learning life skills and academic skills, as well as lowering their stress levels.

The Academic Support Center offers tutoring, academic coaching, paper reviews, and even schedule planning. The Academic Support Center also offers assistance for students with disabilities, first generation college students, student athletes (specifically those who become injured), and students who are in the honors program.

Estes reiterated the difference that the Academic Support Center can make in a college student’s studies.

“National statistics indicate that a student’s GPA will drop 0.6 to 0.7 from high school to college, ” Estes said. “At Johnson, our statistics indicate their GPA will drop 0.6 to an entire point lower.  If a student comes to the Academic Support Center two hours a week or an hour a week, the student’s GPA will not drop. “

If students want to sign up for Zoom or in-person tutoring sessions, learning assessments, etc., the scheduling system for Academic Support can be found online here.

If students would like to become tutors or academic coaches, they can email Kelly Estes at to determine if they meet the criteria in order to do so.

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