Johnson University Tennessee Introduces Cheerleading Squad

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University’s Tennessee campus is in the process of gaining a new cheerleading squad, led by Serenity Adams, Miriam Graves, and Emily Snell, in preparation to cheer on sports teams next semester.

(Left to right) Miriam Graves, Emily Snell, and Serenity Adams are working together to bring a cheerleading squad back to Johnson University

Johnson University student Serenity Adams was inspired by her school’s limited creative arts outlets to start a cheerleading squad. Adams has always had an affinity for dance and wanted to provide other students with an opportunity to engage in something that has been missing for years.

“I feel like a bunch of my friends talk about how they used to do cheerleading in high school, and I know sometimes things like that just kind of stop after high school, and I always thought it’d be cool to bring that to Johnson,” Adams said. “I had tried to establish this my freshman semester, but I didn’t have the support I do now. This time I have an amazing support beside me and so we’re super excited.”

Adams and fellow students Miriam Graves and Emily Snell have worked to put together a small cheerleading squad on the Tennessee campus. They are excited about an opportunity for students to be able to express themselves through the art of cheer.

There are no tryouts or qualifications needed as of now, as they are mostly focusing on building their community by interest.

“We really want to make sure we have a good bond with the girls and a good environment for us all to be in,” Adams said. “I want this to be something they love to do.”

This semester the cheerleading squad will focus on beginning training and learning routines to be able to perform next semester.

Practice dates have yet to be scheduled in light of the arrival of a new coach and sponsor, but a new schedule should be set soon.

If you are interested in joining the JU cheerleading squad, you can email for more information.

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