Johnson University Tennessee hosts two-part SPSU X BSM Panel

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University Tennessee’s Students Promoting Social Unity and Black Student Ministries are hosting a two-part panel, the second of which will be held on Feb. 17 from 9 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. in the Athletic Recreation Center.

Two of Johnson’s student organizations, SPSU and BSM, have teamed up to organize a combined panel for Black History Month. Both events are led by Jamie Gorman and Matthew Best.

Joshua Adams attended the first SPSU X BSM Panel and plans to attend the second, as well.

The panel is an educational and interactive way for students to learn our history’s cultural diversity and celebrate the accomplishments of forgotten black historical figures. The event is created to encourage discussion and answer questions from students.

“It was just so cool to like, hear all about our history together, and the panel was awesome,” said Joshua Adams, a sophomore psychology major at Johnson University. “I just really wanted to come to learn more and be around people who wanted to learn with me.”

Adams loves the idea of informative events taking place in honor of Black History Month and intends to attend again on Feb. 17. He urges other students to do the same to grow in their understanding of cultural diversity and continue to build community.

Any and all students are encouraged to attend the second panel, even if they did not attend the first, as it is a unique way to be able to ask questions without judgement and learn to appreciate diversity both on and off campus.

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