Johnson University Florida to start investment club

KISSIMMEE – The Business School of Public Leadership’s students and staff have collaborated to form Johnson University Investment Club, which will meet for the first time on Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Commons.

“The club essentially formed itself,” Jeffrey Brown, associate professor of the SoBPL, said. “Student interest in investing has been high and growing for several years… [and] the need for additional opportunities for student community has been growing before COVID, but particularly as we leave COVID behind.”

Jeffrey Brown collaborated with students to create J.U.I.C

Brown has been planning the club with students since last year, aiming to join JUFL students’ desire to invest with their passion for community. Two of Brown’s assistants expressed some of the difficulties they encountered while planning for the first meeting.

“A couple of the challenges were kinda’ like advertising — how we were going to advertise it, figuring out logos, what exactly we’re going to talk about, [and] how we’re going to conduct it,” Justin Ryder, a junior, organizational psychology major, said.

Kayla Hefner, junior and intercultural studies major, shared Ryder’s thoughts about advertising for the investment club.

Kayla Hefner organized the marketing for J.U.I.C

“I had to definitely think…what would appeal to the students, and, you know, how do you make investment fun,” Hefner said. “Trying to figure out how to appeal [the club] to the younger generation was a challenge, because, especially if you’re a freshman, that’s not your first thing.”

Ryder explained that the club would be excellent for teaching college students, who typically spend money, to invest and establish a financial foundation.

Since Hefner plans to engage in missions work, she hopes that J.U.I.C. will help her learn about investing without government plans, something which missionary work does not include.

JUFL junior Justin Ryder partnered with Kayla Hefner to market J.U.I.C.

The club will allow students from different academic backgrounds and cultures to interact and meet one another as they learn about investing. This was an opportunity that Brown intended to create.

“In all organizations, like-minded people tend to gravitate toward one another,” Brown said. “I am hopeful that this club will bring together students who don’t normally engage with each other, ultimately strengthening our campus and improving us as individuals as we diversify our network, our interactions, and our way of thinking.”

Although he will be organizing the club while it is growing, Brown expressed that he wants to take a passive role in the future as students begin to lead the club.

Students are encouraged to attend J.U.I.C’s first meeting, during which they will be introduced to the simulated investment portfolio, as well as be given the opportunity to collaborate with one another.

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