Sexual Assault Awareness Workshop held last week

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University’s Tennessee campus held a Sexual Assault Awareness Workshop on April 15 led by Dr. Heather Gorman and the two owners of the Likewise Coffee Shop.

On Thursday night, Gorman and the owners of Likewise Coffee held a workshop to discuss sexual assault awareness and human trafficking.

Gorman is actively involved in advocating for trafficking victims, and Likewise Coffee’s owners donate much of their proceeds from their shop to a human trafficking prevention organization called Raising a Voice. Likewise Coffee also makes a point to hire trafficking and assault victims in their shops.

Sophomore Joshua Adams attended the panel discussion Thursday night

The panel discussed some of the stereotypes and misconceptions people have about sexual assault victims and the lack of understanding from the church in many situations. They discussed the affect of the church ostracizing these victims on both their mental health and faith.

The panel gave examples and theories on how and why the church should practice the changing of perceptions of those afflicted by sexual assault and improve their sensitivity.

Joshua Adams, a sophomore studying psychology, attended this event and expressed his appreciation for the workshop.

“I’m glad I went, because it really informed me that human trafficking is something that happens way more than I thought,” Adams said. “It also helped me to see the victims of human trafficking.”

Adams expressed his appreciation for a discussion on something that is not often thought of as the real and current problem that it is today. Through the efforts of Johnson University, Heather Gorman, and the owners of Likewise Coffee, the topic of human trafficking and sexual assault was brought to the forefront of many students’ minds that may not have realized the problem’s relevancy in today’s world.

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