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Domanic Hildebrand is a full time student at Johnson University in the Public Relations Program. He also works at Papa John's Pizza in Maryville and is a part time driver for Uber and Lyft. Hildebrand has also served in the United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.


SCCA students, faculty see new facility for first time


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KNOXVILLE — Music Education and worship students and faculty got the chance to preview the new transitional building Wednesday.

The building will be the home of the worship and music education programs, which are part of the School of Communication and Creative Arts at JU.

As the students and faculty made their way into the new building, they appeared excited to see that although the building is called the transitional building, it was built with their stay in mind.

With soundproof rooms and a lounge area, several students said it was a change for the better.

“I’m excited about the new space and look forward to not smelling mold,” Braden Harris, class of 2020, said.

While on the tour, students appeared ecstatic about the new soundproof practice rooms, especially in comparison to the current facilities.

“The university invested a lot into soundproofing and creating space for students to practice and learn,” Matthew Broaddus, dean of the School of Communication and Creative Arts, said. “The choir room, practice rooms and offices are soundproof up to 42 decibels, so students should really have a sense of privacy while practicing.”

Students were also excited about the new spacious choir room.

“[This is] a place I’ll look forward to coming to,” Caleb Kiffin, class of 2021, said. “I’m excited to have a new facility that has everything close together compared to our current situation.”

Broaddus told the students that they will likely move into the new facility March 7.


Some SCCA programs relocating to new home

KNOXVILLE— Two School of Communication and Creative Arts programs are moving to a new home soon.

The transitional building, which is being built behind Richardson Hall, will be the new home of the Johnson University worship and music education program. A portion of the building will also house part of Campus Services.

“The current expected move in time is not date-specific, but will be by the end of February,” Kevin O’Brien, the capital project owner’s representative, said.

O’Brien said the first floor, housing the worship and music education programs, has four soundproofed office spaces and four soundproof practice rooms for students to use.

A new technology-enhanced classroom and a spacious choir classroom are also being prepared for the transition.

The building will also house a smaller controlled access server farm and data center for building connectivity.

O’Brien said the fate of Alumni Memorial Chapel, the building the worship and music education programs are moving out of, has not been determined.

Once the programs move to the transition building, the AMC will be off-limits to the public.

O’Brien said the JU Trustees will hopefully determine what to do with the AMC at their February meeting.

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Floorplan of transitional building for the Johnson University worship and music education program.


K-16: Operation Backyard

KNOXVILLE — Johnson students got the opportunity to serve in various fields for K-16 and Operation Backyard was one for the more artistic students. About twenty students went to Operation Backyard to paint a house that has been owned by the same family since its initial construction in 1917.

This was a great opportunity for students to see life in the greater Knoxville area and also to help out the people of East Tennessee.

Johnson University has had campus wide service days since K-9 and there is no sign of Johnson stopping this great aid to the Knoxville community.

Video Report created by Domanic Hildebrand


Teegarden 5K sees largest turnout in three years

KNOXVILLE – The Josh Teegarden memorial 5K Run/Walk Race has come to a finish with support from students, alumni, faculty, staff and retired faculty.

The Teegarden family was extremely happy to see the turn out of racers and race crew for the largest Teegarden race in its three year history.

Johnson University will provide an opportunity, through the 5K race, for three Johnson students in the Intercultural Studies or Non-profit Management programs to receive scholarships in honor of Josh Teegarden.


JUTN holds Josh Teegarden Memorial 5K-Run

KNOXVILLE – The Josh Teegarden Memorial 5K will be held on the Johnson University Tennessee campus on Saturday September 24th, 2016.

Early-bird registration is open until this Thursday September 15th, 2016 when the cost of registration will go up from $20 to $25 until the day of the 5K. Those who register before September 15th will also receive a free t-shirt.

The Run/Walk 5K is held each year in honor of Josh Teegarden who passed away on July 27th, 2004 while serving on the mission field at Christ Camp for the Blind in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

Josh was going to return to Johnson University to complete his final year of his Missions and Ministry major. The 5K race is held  to commemorate and remember Josh through the two things he loved most – running and missions.

The Josh Teegarden 5K also gives scholarships to Intercultural Studies majors. Recipients must be juniors rising into their senior year with the thought behind the scholarship being to help them afford their summer internship or perhaps to fund an overseas internship.

Last years recipients were Sam McMullen, Liz Carson, and Alfonso Jerezano-Villegas.

Check-in will begin at 8am on the day of the race and the race will begin at 9am.

For more information on participating in this event check out the Johnson event page.

Want to Register for the 5K? Fill out this application and deliver it to RPC 76.


Philosophy within the Jedi Order: a Star Wars chapel group

KNOXVILLE – In a chapel group not so far away, Dr. Jerome Prinston leads Johnson students in an unusual chapel group that centers its discussion on Star Wars and Philosophy.

This past week Dr. Prinston discussed Stoicism by comparing the Greek Stoic philosopher and slave, Epictetus, and Star Wars’ protagonist turned antagonist, Anakin Skywalker.

Dr. Prinston made the point that Epectetus and Anakin both started out their lives as slaves to a master. They served as they were suppose to and then someone came and freed them from slavery.

However, it seems clear that Skywalker would have benefited from learning the ideas of Stoicism, that self-control, discipline, and avoidance of destructive emotions leads to a healthy reasoning and lifestyle, and, in Skywalker’s case, proper usage of “the Force.”

In short, Dr. Prinston uses the group to illustrate that we can really learn a lot from Star Wars, like not building an obvious weak point to destroy a massive space station. Or perhaps that patience and focus are key in everyone’s life. Choosing the right words to use in a situation greatly determines the outcome and we should always be careful of what we say and do because we may not know a person’s past.

It does not matter if you are part of the New Republic or First Order, any student interested in Star Wars and philosophy is encouraged to join this chapel group on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. in PW 227.


President Kaleb Mullins’ anticipation for Fall semester

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University Junior, Kaleb Mullins, is heading into his first semester leading the Tennessee campus as Student Body President.

Earlier this week, Mullins spoke on what the student body should be expecting from the SGA this year. His answers came with a few surprises.

Mullins mentioned that SGA will be making a push for more student input rather than just SGA delegates making all the decisions.

Mullins also said that SGA wants to make its events more inviting and memorable for everyone.

Mullins spoke about how Johnson University has expanded to Florida and to ExtendEd.

“I think it’s awesome and I wish anyone that’s serious about ministry or just extending their knowledge of God could go through Johnson University,” he said.

Kaleb Mullins loves Johnson and he really wants to improve the campus and student life here.

The student body cannot wait to see what he does as the Student Body President this year.