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Domanic Hildebrand is a full time student at Johnson University in the Public Relations Program. He also works at Papa John's Pizza in Maryville and is a part time driver for Uber and Lyft. Hildebrand has also served in the United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.

SCCA students, faculty see new facility for first time

A small group of students got a great opportunity to preview the new transitional building. The emotions are through the roof with excitement as the move in date nears.

Some SCCA programs relocating to new home

Johnson University is undergoing one of its largest expansion since Ashley Johnson founded it in 1893. Out of the new expansion, the worship and music education program will receive a new home, a transitional building which is nearing completion behind Richardson Hall. This new building will also include a new facility for the electrical and mechanical departments of Campus Services.

K-16: Operation Backyard

KNOXVILLE — Johnson students got the opportunity to serve in various fields for K-16 and […]

K-16: Operation Backyard

KNOXVILLE – JUTN students helped out a home owner in Knoxville for K-16 by painting […]

Teegarden 5K sees largest turnout in three years

KNOXVILLE – The Josh Teegarden memorial 5K Run/Walk Race has come to a finish with support from […]

JUTN holds Josh Teegarden Memorial 5K-Run

KNOXVILLE – The Josh Teegarden Memorial 5K will be held on the Johnson University Tennessee campus […]

Philosophy within the Jedi Order: a Star Wars chapel group

KNOXVILLE – In a chapel group not so far away, Dr. Jerome Prinston leads Johnson […]

President Kaleb Mullins’ anticipation for Fall semester

KNOXVILLE – Johnson University Junior, Kaleb Mullins, is heading into his first semester leading the […]