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Riddle- ANSWER: Matrimony

The first part of me lies at the entrance

Many pass over it without a thought

With only 3 letters it becomes everything

It never crosses the threshold but others go through it


The second part of me is a cereal

It may be found in the grocery store

Not many favor it, but a few enjoy

Others like it are not as dark


The third part of me is a favored item

It is coveted by many

It brings happiness, but no joy

It matches the hills and the trees alike


As a whole, couples seek me

I am the ultimate goal in a relationship

I am one of the united states

As a whole, I can be holy



Traffic- Riddle

I am a long dense snake that makes you boil,
The denser I am, the hotter you get.
I have no skin, no scales, no coil.
But I move along the ground, slow to a crawl.

I have many different voices.
A rhythm, but no beat.
You’ll know when you see me;
You might even have to take part.

Escaping from my clutches
will bring you some ease.
Now you’ll get where you’re going
as fast as you please.


What am I?


Riddle Me This

I go by many names
Record keeper or clerk
For some, I’m hard to describe
On this page, I may even lurk

In ancient times, we were the ones
Who read and wrote all things
By our orders, a country runs
For it is we who serve the kings

I trained for many years
day by day, recording new events
I tried to be the best among my peers
I am the one that a commoner resents

What am I?

Look for the answer on Friday!