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An Adequate Society

It is in these present days that America has seen its worst: a new age of terrorism established that sends armies and anxieties worldwide, unprecedented climate change that sparks fires in the west and hurricanes in the east, a political divide that leads both sides shouting over who should sit in which chair, and the most troublesome of all: the murderers, rapists, and drug dealers that continue to flood our streets every day in this land of the free.

Hailing from a far-distant land, these usurpers seem to be inherently designed to step into a country that is not their own, as if seeking to better their lives. Can they not see that our country already has enough problems of its own? America is in shambles with its greater liberties, better healthcare, and readily available security in times of crisis. It seems inconceivable why anyone ought to consider coming to this nation with all its hardships.

Whereas these foreigners only surmount to the esteemed title of “offender” or “troublemaker,” one can only assume that some of these outsiders are “good people,” but there is little evidence to support such a statement. Do not try to blind me with evidence that our country took land from their “country” back in the 1840s; nor the evidence that they helped to defend our country in the Second Great War; do not certainly point me towards the fact that they have families and work the jobs most Americans would not want to work. How dare these individuals to assume the workforce positions that Americans themselves could not surmount to fulfil? After all, the American virtue is to abhor someone doing the jobs Americans abhor. Those that come across impede our desire to joyfully not do something; now we fill our breaths with angst at the sight of the others doing something we would rather not do. It is our right to do so because America is the land of the free.

Indeed, the notion that any individual should aspire to become a contributing factor for the betterment of our nation is a glorious endeavor. However, if your name is synonymous with Judge Gonzalo Curiel, you are unqualified to hold office. America only accepts its finest, those being described as Kavanaugh or other noble and sober representatives, to the shared American ideal among its Congress. These “others” should take careful consideration to the sacrifice this country has made to ensure its survivability: if we can get rid of native Indians, surely we can ostracize those that desire opportunities not present in their own country. American first, we say. Land of the free.

In an attempt to settle this matter effectively, a wall must be built between these borders. In addition, so I do not fail to mention the aforementioned cases running rampant in this country, a mass forced exodus is required to adequately offset the burden of people that contribute to the betterment of our nation. Whether farmers or engineers, pilots or police officers, doctors or soldiers, the populace that has not been included in any census since the inception of such an enumerating sequence ought to be escorted politely with drawn weapons, eloquently with warrantless entries, and humanely, as to separate mother from daughter, father from son, so that even their children know that they cannot possibly be adequate members of society, and that dreaming is the best course of action for their hope in this great nation. After all, America is the land of the free, unless you are not born here.