Ignite your prayer life

KNOXVILLE — Harvesters will be hosting a night of prayer tomorrow evening beginning at 10:30 p.m. lasting till 6 a.m. the … More

Johnson students say SALT is ‘worth it’

Two Johnson students spoke out on the SALT requirements, saying it can be difficult to find the time to put in the hours, however, volunteering in the community and helping other people is rewarding.

Young Life seen from the perspective of JU student

Emma Sharp is volunteering with a ministry called Young Life. She is involved in building relationships and focused in being a constant in High school student’s lives. She wants to witness God’s work in the field and see each student impacted in a positive way.

SCCA documentary team seeking missionary stories

KNOXVILLE — Everyday missionaries work to bring the Kingdom of God into the darkest corners of the world. Many of these missionaries have amazing stories, but they do not have a good platform to share them.