K-15: Lonsdale gets help from energetic students

In a part of Knoxville that most people may drive by exists the small community of Lonsdale. Full of rich history and diverse cultures, Lonsdale is a golden area for ministry to take place. Deep within Lonsdale is an organization that goes by the name of Thrive. Thrive is a collection of volunteers who gather … Read moreK-15: Lonsdale gets help from energetic students

K-15: Students help IJAMS create something new

Students who signed up for “Keep Knoxville Beautiful” spent their day cutting, cleaning, and stacking an invasive plant that the staff at Ijams will use to create small hut-like structures for kids to play in during future visits to Ijams. Throughout the day students had the chance to try their hand at different types of tools … Read moreK-15: Students help IJAMS create something new

K-15: Volunteers impact Riverwood Community

On September 30th, Johnson had the largest K-15 Day in history. On K-15 Day, a group of about 20 Johnson students showed the light of Christ in the community by helping out at the Riverwood Christian Community in Louisville, TN. At 9:30 a.m. the group of volunteers met in the Phillips-Welshimer Building to discuss rides and … Read moreK-15: Volunteers impact Riverwood Community

K-15: Volunteers flood to Water Angels ministry

As a part of K-15 Day, more than 40 Johnson students strove to saturate Knoxville with the love of Christ as they joined forces with the Water Angels. Junior Liz Carson noted the large group of volunteers for the location. “It gives Johnson a good name in the community,” she said. The Water Angels represented one … Read moreK-15: Volunteers flood to Water Angels ministry

JUFL breaks bread at international food festival

KISSIMMEE — More than 125 Johnson University Florida faculty, students and staff wrapped up another successful Missions Emphasis week Thursday with their third annual International Food Sampling Festival. The festival is the culmination of MEW, which featured C.Y. Kim, a field director with Christ Reaching Asia Missions as the guest speaker. Ruth Reyes, one of … Read moreJUFL breaks bread at international food festival

Juniors, seniors encouraged to compete in annual ethics essay contest

tEWFfH Logo.001

The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity has officially announced the beginning of the 27th annual Prize in Ethics Essay Contest.

The contest challenges any full-time junior or senior, in any major, to write a personal essay on ethics.

Students are to select an urgent ethical issue and develop a rational argument for action regarding it.

The deadline for the contest is Dec. 14.

All the entries will be evaluated by a panel of readers and the winners will then be decided by a jury, headed by Wiesel himself.

The winner will be announced in the spring of 2016.

According to the Wiesel Foundation, the first-place easy writer will receive a $5,000 scholarship award.

  • Second place — $2,500 scholarship
  • Third place — $1,500 scholarship
  • Two honorable mention awards — $500 scholarships

“These contests give students a chance to apply their academic skill beyond the classroom setting,” Johnson University English Professor Ron Wheeler said. “Too often classroom exercises seem like just that: Exercises that don’t go anywhere.”

He said that this contest allows students a real opportunity to take what they’re learning and make a difference.

Read moreJuniors, seniors encouraged to compete in annual ethics essay contest

Biggest Winner participants fight to finish

Johnson University’s Biggest Winner Program officially started its fourth year this September. Participants can choose between two tracks, either  the weight loss track or the fitness track, depending on their own personal goals. There are a variety of classes to choose from in the program, such as beginning weight lifting, personal training, Royal Fit, ( A version of … Read moreBiggest Winner participants fight to finish

Being salty — Students provide service hours for school year

Johnson University students have a long tradition of service around the Knoxville community. The traditional Christian Service Hours have ben replaced with SALT hours, and students are still figuring out all of the details. SALT hours represent Service Learning Hours. Many classes here have  both optional and required SALT assignments, especially in academic areas such as Intercultural … Read moreBeing salty — Students provide service hours for school year