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JUTN Men’s Basketball Blue and White game kicks off season

KNOXVILLE — Tuesday the Johnson Royals Men’s Basketball team kicked of the season with the official Blue and White Game in the Phillips-Welshimer Building Gym. It is clear to see that after the game was played Tuesday night, the team is prepared and motivated for their first game of the season.

Coach Perry gives blue team words of advice.

Coach Perry gives blue team words of advice.

The first official game of the season will tip-off at 8 p.m. Friday at Piedmont Baptist College.

The blue team started off the night by taking the lead and ran up a score of 29-19. Despite the score, the white team fought back and did not let the blue team win without a little competition.

With three minutes left in the first half of the game, the teams were tied with a score of 34-34. The audience remained fully engaged to see which team would win the friendly battle.

As the game progressed, the white team stepped their game up and showed the audience their true potential with a leading score of 47-38.

The blue and white game concluded in the blue team’s favor with a score of 71-59.

The pressure is on for the blue and white team.

The pressure is on for the blue and white team.

During the the game, the team allowed the audience to show off some of their own basketball skills by taking volunteers for a dunk contest.

Coach Brandon Perry is excited to see the team finally play their first game and has great expectations for the upcoming season.

He is also very appreciative of all the motivation and support that was shown throughout the blue and white game.

“I feel good about tonight —  it was great to just see the boys in action,” he said. “To have the student body come and support the team, that means the world to us and we really need that support all year long.”

Perry also believes the team works hard to engage the crowd into the game due to their fast paced way of playing. The team’s efforts at the Blue and White game is just a taste of what is yet to come in the season.

“You can really tell we want to play and that we want to be a fun team to watch,” Perry said. “We really showed people what we are capable of tonight.”

The crowd intensely watching the blue and white battle.

The crowd intensely watching the blue and white battle.

The good turn out from the student body and positive reactions from the crowd made the overall efforts of both the blue and white team phenomenal.

After the Piedmont Baptist game, the next men’s basketball home game will tip-off at 7 p.m. Nov.3 against Bryan College. The support of the student body is much needed for motivation throughout the season.

The team receieves the ending remarks of Coach Perry.

The team receieves the ending remarks of Coach Perry.


JUTN Royals Battle Pikeville Bears in tough loss

KNOXVILLE — Monday the Johnson Royals Women’s Soccer team faced the University of Pikeville. The night was a bit frigid but both teams continued to fight hard and persevere. The girls started the game with confidence that the game would be in their favor.

Captain of the Royals, Brooke Fowler, challenges the Bears.

Captain of the Royals, Brooke Fowler, challenges the Bears.

In the first half, both the Royals and the Bears battled for the first goal of the night. The Royals were determined to put up a fight against the Pikeville Bears, especially considering that it was the last home game of the season.

The bears were the first team to score, but this just made the Royals work harder on the field. In the first half of the game, Casey Marion, the Royals goalie, did a phenomenal job at preventing the Bears from scoring.

Despite  the chilly weather, the Royals remained motivated and encouraged each other throughout the game. The confidence the Royals had at the beginning of the game soon turned into pressure going into the second half of the game.  Although the Bears were scoring more goals, the Royals managed to still keep positive attitudes.

In the second half the Royals decided to put more energy into the game.

The prayer of both teams after the game.

Both teams pray together after the game.

Assistant coach Nathan Worley, said the second half of the game was more enjoyable to watch.

“It’s good to watch people who are fighting and encouraging each other and it showed in the second half,” he said.

In the second half there was an immediate change in the way the Royals were playing. The Royals had a more serious attitude and really put energy into defeating the Bears.

Even through the chilling temperature, the Royals still kept the game going and alive. Motivation and encouragement was sent to the team from players not in the game.

Even though the Bears were leading in the first and second half, the Royals did not give up hope. In the last minute number 19, Michaela Begley, put her best effort in to give the Royals a goal and showed some great skills out on the field.

The game concluded with the Royals losing 7-0. Although the Royals put up a good fight, the loss was something that can be used as motivation to work harder in future games. Both the Royals and the Bears ended the game on a positive note by praying together on the field.

The Royals hope to continue their season with more energy and to match their motivation with their level of playing.



Brandon Perry steps in as new Men’s Basketball Coach at TN campus

DSCN0128The Johnson Royals are welcoming the new Men’s Basketball Coach, Brandon Perry. He is a new addition to Johnson University, and  will contribute to the athletic program. Perry shows pride in what he does, and he is excited to be here at JU.

Outside of Johnson University, Perry is a full-time Senior Minister at Thorn Grove Christian Church. He is part-time at Johnson, coaching the men’s basketball team and investing in the overall community of the team.

Perry is committed to the development of the athletic program at Johnson University. His goal is to have an impact in helping the team become successful men that represent Christ in the community.

“I went into coaching to interact with young men in a more personal way,” Perry said. “It’s better to watch people grow and be a part of their lives in a unique way. For many of the players, basketball will just be for the years they are in college. My goal is to prepare guys not only for the next few years, but for many years to come of how to become men who serve Christ in the community.”

Perry played both basketball and baseball in high school, but baseball is the sport in which he ended up gaining more experience. Prior to sports related injuries, he was an athlete at Milligan College. He was also a youth minister for about eight years and an assistant basketball coach. Previous coach, Kevin Hall, recommended Perry for the position here at Johnson.

“I wanted to get back into coaching, so Kevin Hall recommended me for the job as coach and here I am,” he said.

Perry also thinks that Hall did a phenomenal job at recruiting and investing in quality players here at Johnson University. Perry believes the team will go far and develop relationships that make the team a family.

“As a coach, I believe in community and that we are not meant to live alone,” he said. “We as a team connect with a common goal.”

Outside of basketball, Perry has a few things that make him unique.

“I lead worship, I’ve played guitar for a long time, and some people might find this funny but my favorite show is The Golden Girls,” he said. “I am married and we recently just had our first son Judah.”

When asked about his experience at Johnson University so far, he had nothing but positive comments on the atmosphere and overall community.

“I love the atmosphere here at Johnson and I love that it is a community,” he said. “Athletically we are doing some really great things here at Johnson and we are looking forward to getting even better.”

Perry is definitely excited for his first season as the Men’s Basketball Coach and is more than confident that the team will succeed in not only the game, but as men of Christ.


Johnson hosts local cross country events

If you have noticed a lot of unfamiliar faces on campus this past week, they were due to Johnson hosting four local cross country events. Despite of the high chances of rain each event had a great turn out.

High school runner finishing strong.

High school runner finishing strong.

Well appreciated Johnson volunteers insured that traffic was conducted in a fashionable manner. The events took place on Sept. 24, 28, and 29. Students from local and distant schools all gathered at Johnson to participate in running on the Weller-Davis Cross Country trail.

On Sept. 24 High School students were the first to run on Johnson’s amazing trail. On the 28th the Elementary kids showed Johnson they were not too small to conquer such a large course. The events at Johnson came to a conclusion on Sept. 29 with Middle School students finishing strong.

From most of the visitors to Johnson Campus, there was much appreciation for all the hard working Johnson volunteers that made traffic and parking much easier.

“The West Hill Wolves are grateful to be a part of such a great event, the atmosphere and weather is great and the people here at Johnson are all so nice,” Ashley Wilmot said.

Visitors also thought that Johnson’s campus was overall a great place to be for the cross country events.

“Everybody is really nice here it is a nice place to run and we hope to improve our times.” Amy Suarez said.

Each year visitors appreciate that Johnson continues to show true hospitality throughout the events.


Weller-Davis Cross Country trail memorial.

“Last year I called the president of Johnson to tell him how much I appreciate all that is done for this event,” Gabrielle Blake said.

“We were here last year. Johnson has a good course and a good venue,” Mark Taylor said. “We look forward to coming back.”

The clouds were heavy during each event but the weather cleared up just enough for the races to commence.

Kevin O’brien directed traffic for each event, telling guests where to go and insured the safety of pedestrians. He had some positive things to say about the event’s traffic flow.

“This is the best year yet for traffic,” he said. “I have fun doing this, I’m sure everyone doesn’t but I do. The nice thing about it is that people are very appreciative and that makes me feel good.”

The atmosphere of the events was nothing but positive and encouraging. Richard French, the announcer that oversees the concession stand, played Christian music on Pandora at each event and sold affordable concessions for as much as one or two dollars an item.

“The music is appropriate to your location, it is kid friendly, and Pandora makes playing it so simple,” he said. “Everyone has treated us really kind and in my point of view I’m just glad the weather held up for us.”

All of the cross country events that took place at Johnson were a part of The Knoxville Youth Athletics Cross Country program.

The program is for boys and girls ranging from elementary to high school students. The program gives young athletes an opportunity to experience cross country in a competitive level with the opportunity to advance to regionals and nationals.

Sacred Heart Cathedral takes a group picture before the race.

Sacred Heart Cathedral takes a group picture before the race.

Some schools that participated in these events include: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bearden, West Valley, Northside, Harden Valley, Sequoyah, Farragut, St.Joseph, Pigeon Forge, Karns, West Hills, Blue Grass, Seymour, Christian Academy of Knoxville and a few others.


JU Royals come up defeated against KCU Knights


Johnson quickly recovers from a kick by KCU, and moves the ball down the line.

Johnson quickly recovers from a kick by KCU, and they then move the ball down the line.

On September 25th, the Johnson Royals boy’s soccer team faced the Kentucky Christian University Knights. The night kicked off a little rocky with a delayed start time, which caused the fog to set in more. The boys still came out energetic and ready to play, however, and this energy radiated throughout the crowd.

In the first half, both the Royals and the Knights battled for possession of the ball. Within the first ten minutes, it was evident to see that both teams were acting rough towards one another and performing many dirty slide tackles.

KCU was the first to score, but this did not shake the Royals. Johnson attempted to score one minute after KCU did, but the shot was too deep.

At the 10:03 mark in the first half, KCU scored again. Although the faces of the Royals were starting to drop, they managed to still play fair and keep their attitudes up. By the 4:51 mark, however, a yellow card was pulled on the Knights for aggressive play.

The Johnson Royals recover after the fog consumed the field for most of the second half.

The Johnson Royals recover after the fog consumed the field for most of the second half.

As the second half rolled around, the Royals had a lot of energy coming out. There was an obvious change in the players, and the Johnson boys had more passing and communication in the second half. Even through the increasing fog, the Royals still seemed to have each defender covered.

At the 25 minute mark, Johnson took an amazing shot and made it past the goalie, leaving the score 1-2. Even though the Knights were leading, the Royals were not giving up hope. The Royals kept pushing the line forward, and the Johnson goalie had several blocks. There were controversial offside calls made at the 15 minute mark for KCU, which made the crowd stand on their feet. As the second half rounded out, KCU scored a penalty kick at the 13 minute mark.

Both teams continue to fight for possession of the ball.

Both teams continue to fight for possession of the ball.

The game ended with the Royals losing 1-3. Although the loss was not anticipated by the Royals, it did not leave them hopeless. The player’s held their heads high, and both teams ended the night in prayer with each other. The Royals hope to continue their season with the same energy they performed with against KCU.


Intramural Floor Hockey to begin soon


The last day to sign up for Intramural Floor Hockey, October 2nd, is quickly approaching. September 25th was the original deadline for sign-ups, but due to having not enough people sign up, the date was extended a week. There are currently fifteen students signed up for Intramural Floor Hockey.

Steve Cook, the Intramural Floor Hockey coordinator, said they had thirty-three members last year. Their record is forty-six members. “Floor Hockey is the greatest sport on earth,” said Cook, “A day without Floor Hockey is like a day without sunshine.”

Nine people are needed to make a team. Dylan Lockridge, sophomore, said they played all summer just five on five. “It works, but it’s really tiring. Floor Hockey is a great way to relieve stress and anger.”

Intramural Floor Hockey is once a year every fall. The games will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 9:00p.m. and 10:00p.m.

Every year the Intramural teams compete for the Francis Cup. This is the championship trophy given to the winning Johnson Intramural Floor Hockey team.

Players convene back in the middle for

Players meet back in the middle for “ball drop” after scoring a point.

Before signing up for the Intramural team, it is asked that you attend at least one pick-up game. These are held every Wednesday night in the old gymnasium, starting at 9:00p.m.

All students are welcomed to participate in pick-up games.

Tate Abernathy, senior, says that just like any other Johnson Intramural sport, Floor Hockey is a great way to let energy out with fellow Christians. He also said it creates a lot of camaraderie.

Michael Alexander, sophomore, says playing Floor Hockey is a great way to get to know other people and also a great way to connect with professors at the school. “It is a very competitive sport, but you get to hit stuff really hard,” Michael says.

Wyatt Whewell, freshman, says Floor Hockey is a great game with great people. He went on to say, however, that if they had more people it could be more fun.

During the pick-up games, there are two teams that will play two games of three, twelve minute periods. After the first game, the teams will switch up.

Extra players sub in every two or three minutes, depending on how many players there are.

There were seventeen people present for the pick-up game Wednesday night, September 23rd. Of the seventeen in attendance, there were four alumni, two seniors, three sophomores, and eight freshman. No juniors were in attendance.

Also of the seventeen present, there was only one girl.

Floor Hockey is not a male reserved Intramural sport, and females are welcomed and encouraged to come join the fun.

Pregame prayer

The team has a pregame prayer huddle.

Floor Hockey began back in 1995, when Tyson Chastain, a Johnson Alumni, and a few other guys started hitting around a tennis ball in the old gym. The goals were created out of metal pipe, and construction fencing was used as the nets. They played half court because there were so few players. Each year more and more people began to join the sport.

The first Intramural season began in 1998. They had three teams of six players each. They played with four on the floor and a goalie.

Back then, the goalies were lucky if they even had a baseball chest protector. Nowadays though, proper goalie protection padding and gloves are provided, along with the hockey and goalie sticks.

working hard to get past the golie

The players work hard to get past the goalie.

If one is looking for a fun and fast paced way to let out all that stress college can build up throughout the week, Floor Hockey may be the way to go.

The next pick-up game is Wednesday, September 30th.


Biggest Winner participants fight to finish

Students work for a common goal In the weight room.

Students work for a common goal in the weight room.

Johnson University’s Biggest Winner Program officially started its fourth year this September. IMG_1710

Participants can choose between two tracks, either  the weight loss track or the fitness track, depending on their own personal goals.

There are a variety of classes to choose from in the program, such as beginning weight lifting, personal training, Royal Fit, ( A version of Cross Fit) Yoga, and Zumba.

A majority of these classes take place during the evenings.

“My friends got me into it the first time I did it, and I continue to do it now for myself,” said Grace Ann Williams, who is returning to take on Royal Fit for another year.

Participants are also encouraged to keep track of their body fat percentage, weight and Body Mass Index throughout the semester. If a student shows significant transformation after completing the program, they may have a chance at receiving the Barnabas Scholarship.

Trainer Monica McKnight monitors Grace Ann Williams and Jonathan while they lift weights.

Trainer Monica McKnight monitors Grace Ann Williams while she lifts weights.

All participants in the Biggest Winners program should  come out of the program with better energy, self-confidence and improved health.


Royals ready to be crowned true queens of Johnson

Antonia Whatley practices her lay-up.

Antonia Whatley practices her lay-up.

Johnson University’s women’s basketball team is already off to a great season. Their first official practice was held Monday, in the Phillips-Welshimer Building Gym.

The first game of the season will tipoff at 7 p.m., Nov. 6, here, against Pensacola Christian College.

Players took to the hardwood Monday with some new additions to the Royals, include Johnson’s newest recruits Marissa Hill, Hannah White and Antonia Whatley. With these three representing Johnson, along with several veteran players, the team hopes to be crowned as true royalty.

While players are excited about the upcoming season, they do feel somewhat anxious.

“I’m nervous and excited for the first game,” Royal, Antonia Whatley, a freshman, said. “This is a huge transition from what I’m used to because this is now college level basketball.”

Whatley said women’s basketball is incredibly exciting, and that there are some misconceptions about it versus men’s basketball.

“The Boys do a lot of dunks and girls don’t,” she said. “So people don’t think we are as interesting — but we are.”

The team takes a group picture before the first practice begins.

The team takes a group picture before the first practice begins.

Coach Doug Karnes said he is extremely excited for what the new season will bring and is confident that the Royals will do well. He hopes that there will be more victories and most of all fun for the ladies.

“Basketball is my first love,” he said. ” For this season I expect no injuries, for everyone to stay healthy and for you girls to just have fun,” he told the team at practice

For more information on the Royals and their upcoming games, and other Johnson University athletics, visit the Johnson University athletic Sports page.

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Johnson’s ultimate club spins into action

Johnson students who are interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Johnson students who are interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Johnson University’s Ultimate Frisbee Club is kicking, or in this case, throwing off the semester by putting together a community for those interested in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

According to Riley Scheyder, leader of the Ultimate Frisbee Club, the club is open to everyone, even those who have never picked up a Frisbee in their life.

He said the club’s main focus is to introduce new people to  the game and to get new Johnson students, who have an interest in the game,  to join back into a sport they love.

“There’s no initial requirements for people wanting to join the team,”  Scheyder said. “The only thing we ask is that people are willing to come out and participate.”

Anyone is welcome to join the club at any point during the school year.

“We have people on our team who had never picked up a Frisbee before they came to Johnson and some of those became our best players,” Scheyder said.

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Intramural basketball season moves into week two with intense competition

This week of games starting Tuesday, made for highly competitive games that had two games end in victories of five points or less.

With the red team highlighting Thursday matchups, and a decisive victory over the yellow team, Cody Wagner and Ty Asbury led the team.  

“This was a great team win that shows we are all in playing for each other,” Wagner said. “We play to compete for a full forty minutes and at the same time being the best teammates we can be.”

The captain of the red team backed Wagner’s statement.

“We had a great role in showing sportsmanship while also showing great a competitive drive that resulted in us coming away with a great second win, “Asbury said. “Intramurals are a great way to get some exercise while also being able to fellowship and compete with your brothers.”

Another team that was expected to play well came away with a loss on Thursday ‘s game. Keith Harper, the blue team’s captain, commented on their game.

“As the team captain, I have to get everyone to improve in encouraging each other in bad times and also competing to their best abilities,” Harper said. “This is a great chance to show a brotherhood through Christ that will go beyond sports.”

The season continues with games next Tuesday starting at 7 p.m. in the Old Gym.