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Trump wins!

The 2016 race that initially involved 22 major candidates has come to a verdict. Millions of voters headed to the polls across the U.S. to cast their ballots or have been closely following the election. The Republican nominee Donald Trump, R-New York, defeated the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, D- New York. Trump will take office as the 45th President of the U.S. Jan. 20, 2017.

In order to win the election, a candidate must win 270 electoral votes,a majority of the 538 votes in the electoral college.Below are the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

The first projection of the night took place at 7 p.m. when the first polls closed. According to CNN, Donald Trump was projected to win Indiana,Kentucky and West Virginia gaining 24 electoral votes. Hillary Clinton was projected to win Vermont gaining 3 electoral votes.

The second projection went more in Clinton’s favor. Clinton was projected to win her home state of Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland,Rhode Island, Delaware and the District of Columbia gaining a total of 68 electoral votes. Trump was projected to win Oklahoma, Tennessee and  Mississippi gaining a total of 48 electoral votes.

According to CNN, Trump was also projected to win South Carolina and Alabama gaining a total of 66 electoral votes.

The next poll closing resulted in a projection for Clinton to win Trump’s home state, New York, gaining a total of 97 electoral votes. Trump was projected to win Kansas, Nebraska,Wyoming, North Dakota,South Dakota, Texas, and Arkansas gaining Trump a lead with a total of 129 electoral votes.

Next Clinton was projected to win Connecticut, New Mexico, Virginia, and Colorado gaining 131 electoral votes and Trump was projected to win Montana, Louisiana, Missouri, and Ohio gaining trump 168 electoral votes.

Near the end of the polling, Clinton gained projected wins in Colorado,Hawaii, Oregon, Washington,Nevada, and 3 electoral votes from Maine giving her a total of 218 electoral votes. Trump gained North Carolina,Idaho, Utah, Florida, Iowa,and Georgia gaining 244 electoral votes.

The last few deciding states that led Trump to his victory were Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Alaska.

Total Electoral Votes:

Trump=289/ Clinton= 218


Donald Trump, left, and Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential nominees (Photo, Wikipedia)

Battleground states included:Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.



election 2016HomeNewsTennessee

Election day: Familiar faces welcome voters to GC School

KNOXVILLE — Working at a voting booth may not seem like the most glamorous job but the atmosphere today in Gap Creek Elementary School’s gym is certainly friendly.

As people mill around the room poll workers and voters banter with a familiarity that can only come from years of seeing each other at the booth.

One voter teased that she had come only to get her “I voted” sticker while several poll workers laughed at the check-in table.

Paula Jones, Election Officer and Republican Precinct Chairman, commented that things had died down a lot since they opened at 8 a.m.

“All of the Johnson people come early usually,” she said. “There was a line out the door this morning.”

Jones said that there seemed to be a lot more people lining up to vote this year than in the 2012 general election.

“In the primary back in March we had people coming in who hadn’t voted in years,” she said. “You know, a lot of people who haven’t worked in an election before have definitely wanted to work in this one.”

Jones believes the increase in interest is probably because of this election cycle’s candidates.

She said she has been working at Gap Creek’s voting booth for at least 10 years and, even though it is nice to serve the community, election day is long for those working the booths.

“We’re here approximately 13 or 14 hours and we can’t leave but I do enjoy it,” she said.

Despite Jones’ time serving at the booth, another poll worker claims the title for working at the Gap Creek polling place the longest.

Carl Mills explained how after he retired from TVA in Knoxville he was asked by Judge Linda Clawson to begin working at the Gap Creek voting booth in the 1992 presidential election. Mills has worked at every general election since then.

He described how the best part of the job was getting to know those in the community, which rang true as he was interrupted every few minutes by smiles, hellos and hugs from local voters.

Mills’ daughter and her son work at Johnson University.

“It’s a public service,” he said. “You get to know the people in the community, and they get to know you because you’re wearing a badge,” he laughed.

“It’s kind of like a reunion every four years,” Jones added.

The voting booth at Gap Creek will close at 8 p.m. tonight. Faculty, staff and local Johnson students are encouraged to vote today.

361 people voted at Gap Creek Elementary School today with the overwhelming majority voting in support of GOP Candidate Donald Trump in the presidential ballot.

Stay tuned to the Royal Scribe for more election day coverage including an international perspective and a wrap-up article on the results of the 2016 presidential election.


One student’s experience serving at The Love Kitchen

As students sit in the gym waiting for their team name to be called, Marcus Graham sits on the stage along with the rest of the group leaders.

They are all preparing for Johnson’s day of caring, also called K-15.

Matt Shears, president of the Student Government Association, tells the student body about K-15.

“This event has been going on for nine years now,” Sheers said. “This is the largest attendance for K-15 we have ever had.”

An event that was started just after the 9/11 attacks to help serve the community, has now reached a new height of attendance at Johnson.

Graham has been proudly serving his time in the SGA for all four years of his college career. A third time leader of a K-15 group, he  and five other students spent the day at The Love Kitchen.

The Love Kitchen has been serving the community around it for 15 years, and seeks to help the low income families around Knoxville.

Located next to the AME Mount Zion Church, the students found the sweet smell of lamb chops lofting through a gated parking lot.

The Love Kitchen Manager sat outside on a smoke break while the rest of the people were inside hard at work.

Several men and women sat inside in old, hole-ridden and dirty clothing, watching the news on a flat screen television.

All of the volunteers headed inside to prepare for the dinner they would be serving five hours later.

Marcus Graham wore a white plastic apron while standing in front of a steel table.

On his left side he had a bucket of lamb chops, grabbing each one and slicing away any fat that might be on it, then placing the cut meat on a pan. Read More


Family Promise provides family sanctuary in rough waters

EDITOR’S NOTE: Royal Scribe reporters visited with some of the people being helped by the organizations students interacted with on K-15. This is the story of one such family.

Crystal Presley breathes a  sigh of relief and watches her three children. One sits at a computer doing homework while the other two chat together quietly on a couch, giggling occasionally.

This scene is exactly what one would expect from a family in a safe environment, and that is exactly what Family Promise aims to accomplish.

Family Promise is an organization that takes in families such as the Presleys, who have no home.

While most such organizations do not allow teenage boys like Joseph Presley to stay in the same place as his mother or sisters,

Family Promise’s main goal is to keep families intact and allow them to live as normally as possible while in the program.

This is accomplished through Family Promise’s unique approach to housing.

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Future missionary practices his faith during k-15


Josiah Caraway

Josiah Caraway

After a busy time with school assignments, papers and tests due, Josiah Caraway, a sophomore at Johnson University  relishes the fact that he is able to get away from school and be able to volunteer in the community with K-days.

Josiah, an intercultural study major, is often in the presence of non-believers, so he is comfortable with the fact he gets the chance to spread the gospel.

“K-15 gives the students a chance to get involved within impoverished communities that is in Johnson’s area. These actions can go further than just K day.” Caraway states.

Josiah Caraway is excited to serve the community in East Knoxville on K15 day.

Johnson gives students the opportunity to further their education through faith and special vocations to further God’s kingdom.

The great commission states to further extend God’s kingdom to the ends of the earth. Serving Johnson’s immediate area is not the ends of the Earth, but for students like Josiah, K-Days gives him a foresight of what his future holds.

“Being a mission major, I am able to work on the best ways to disciple within my own country,” he said. “So when I go to a foreign country I will have the proper tools to succeed.”

Caraway was excited to serve the community in east Knoxville on K-15

Many Johnson students served the homeless or had direct interaction with the community during their service.

One of the service locations was Edgewood Church Mount Zion in east Knoxville. This church is in the heart of a failing community. It is located in the most underprivileged and violent area in Knoxville.

The Gospel is necessary for this area to be able to succeed, and the students that were involved with this church and the neighboring love kitchen were affected.

“Most of the people around this area are either in government housing or homeless, so the church was involved with the community,” Caraway said. “They gave away free clothes and interacted with everyone they passed by. The love of Christ was apparent within the people of the church.”


Local organization serves college students

EDITOR’S NOTE: Royal Scribe reporters visited with some of the people helping and being helped by the organizations students interacted with on K-15. This is the story of one such family.

On Sept. 30, groups of students from Johnson University set out to various Knoxville locations with a mission of spreading love to the community. One group made its way to serve at an organization which in turn meets the needs of local college students.

About three hundred feet south of the popular Cumberland Strip, Christian Student Fellowship’s campus house sits within the borders of the University of Tennessee, one of the biggest party schools in the area.

Just inside the two-level brick building, associate campus minister Patrick Willis sits at a double-tiered desk topped with various Star-Trek and movie memorabilia. He admits to having a particular affinity for superheroes, indicating the significance of each item in his collection.

“Everything on the desk that is geeky or nerdy are the things my wife wouldn’t let me display at home,” Patrick points out jokingly.

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Children of Knoxville find oasis in Water Angels

EDITOR’S NOTE: Royal Scribe reporters visited with some of the people helping and being helped by the organizations students interacted with on K-15. This is the story of one such family.

The crammed together houses in the neighborhoods of east Knoxville scream out as the forgotten child waits for his mother to come back.

The child tries to support himself without anyone’s help, but falls into the stream of inevitability of the worldly life. In the end, he is still a child that needs help.

Growing up in east Knoxville Charles Drew was in need of support in his walk of life.

His own strength was not always enough. After a recent incarceration, Drew was in need of someone to support him in the trials after his release.

Water Angels Ministry in east Knoxville was there for Drew when he needed help.

Drew was placed in the House of Grace, the men’s residence at Water Angels Ministry, where men can go through a six month rehabilitation.

Water Angels Ministry provides residents for men and women to keep each other accountable in their walk.

Drew and the other members are able to minister not only to each other, but also serve the community by feeding and clothing them. Drew said that he believes that serving them helps the people to recover from their own issues.

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