Is it hard to get into Centre college?

Is Centre college a good school?

Centre College is ranked #1 out of #27 in Kentucky for quality and #1 out of #26 for Kentucky value. This makes it a great quality and a great value in the state.

Is Centre college test optional?

Centre has adopted a test optional admission policy for those applying for Fall 2021, 2022, and 2023. If a student chooses to apply without submitting test scores, other parts of the application will be weighed more heavily in our holistic, student-centered review process.

What is special about Centre college?

Centre College is a school that prides itself on fostering a “tight knit community,” one in which “everyone genuinely cares.” Undergrads appreciate the college’s liberal arts education, which provides them with “substantial freedom to pursue whatever academic experience and career they wish.” Additionally, “small class …

What are required for college admission?

College / School Leaving Certificate containing place of birth from Maharashtra / Birth Certificate issued by the competent authority from Maharashtra. (ii) For Other State candidates, Domicile Certificate / Residential Certificate / Residence and date of birth Certificate issued from the competent authority. 2.

Is Centre college need blind?

Admission decisions are without regard to financial need (need blind).

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Is Centre College religious?

The largest group on campus, religiously, is Catholic, followed by Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Christian Church/Disciples. Centre also has students who are Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim, as well as a dozen additional Christian denominations.

Does Centre College give athletic scholarships?

As an NCAA Division III member, Centre does not offer athletic scholarships but annually does award over $8 million in academic scholarships and need-based financial aid.

How do I apply to college center?

Students may submit the Common Application online at and there is no application fee. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as they have decided that Centre is one of their choices. Students may apply in one of three ways: Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision.

What is the meaning of entrance requirements?

Definition of entrance requirements in the English dictionary. The definition of entrance requirements in the dictionary is the grades in school examinations required for admission to university.

How many credits do you need to graduate Centre college?

No more than 42 credit hours in any one discipline. A minimum of 54 credit hours taken at Centre, including 23 of the last 30 hours applied toward the degree.

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PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy 3
REL 140 Philosophy of Religion 3
REL 210 Introduction to Judaism and Jewish Traditions 3