Is Manhattan College very religious?

Do you have to take religion at Manhattan College?

Religion is a vital force in the human experience. … At Manhattan College, religious studies is built into the core curriculum. Every student, regardless of school or major, takes three religious studies courses, starting with The Nature and Experience of Religion.

Is Manhattan College a party school?

Manhattan College “isn’t considered a party school; however, most people do party and go out on the weekends,” including those thrown by “frats” or a sport’s team’s house, or they head over to Fordham’s college bars.

Is Manhattan College expensive?

Manhattan College has a full cost of attendance budget that includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal/miscellaneous expenses.

Cost of Attendance.

Tuition $42,800
Miscellaneous living expenses** $1,200
Transportation** $1,200
Room/Board Commuter $2,500
TOTAL COST $53,320

Does Manhattan College give money?

We offer a number of scholarships, grants and special programs for qualified students to help you pay for the cost of attending Manhattan College. … All students are automatically considered for need-based grants, as well as our merit-based scholarships, which are awarded for academic excellence.

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