Question: What is a student receivable RCC?

What is a student receivable?

Student Accounts Receivable means the Company’s accounts receivable for student tuition, fees and institutional charges (including U.S. DOE accounts receivable) with respect to students currently attending the Institution as of the Closing Date, as determined in accordance with GAAP applied on a basis consistent with …

What is student Accounts Receivable balance?

An Accounts Receivable hold – against registration and academic transcripts—takes place because tuition and fees have not been paid either for the previous or current semester. … If after the semester, tuition and fees remain unpaid there is a $50 late fee added to your account.

Is RCC tuition free?

The RCC Promise Program

Full-time eligible students recieve free no-fee tuition and fees, support for textbooks, priority registration, access to educational and faculty advisors, activities and a dedicated community. Certain restrictions apply.

What is an AR hold?

An AR hold blocks a student from withdrawing from classes; it also blocks a student from adding or dropping classes in the current semester and enrolling in classes in future semesters. In order to remove the AR hold, a student’s account must be paid in full.

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What is an accounts receivable hold at a college?

If for any reason a student has delinquent accounts, the university shall temporarily suspend further academic progress of the student by placing a financial hold on the student’s account until the account has been satisfied.

What does AR stand for in college?

Academic Renewal – A process in which a student may (if they qualify) have up to 24 units of. unsatisfactory/failing grades petitioned to not be calculated into their GPA.

What does credit balance mean on financial aid?

When your school gives you financial aid, sometimes money is left over after your aid is applied to your tuition, fees, and other school charges. This remaining amount is called a credit balance.

How much is RCC per unit?

Fee Schedule

Spring 2021
Enrollment Fee $46 per unit
Nonresident Surcharge (plus enrollment fee)​ $290 per unit
Out of Country Surcharge (plus enrollment fee and non-resident surcharge) Non-refundable $17 per unit
Health Services Fee* Non-refundable if a student drops all classes after the refund deadline. $20

What is full time at RCC?

+-What is a full-time student? You must carry a minimum of 12 units for the fall and spring semesters to be considered a full-time student. For summer/winter, it is 6 units.

How much does RCC cost per semester?

Please note that these costs are projections based on full-time enrollment for two semesters.

2021-2022 Cost of Attendance.

Tuition & Fees $2,396
Books & Supplies $1,276
Room & Board $8,302
Transportation $2,038

How much is parking at RCC?

Your Fee Breakdown

SUMMER 2021 $10
FALL 2021 $30
Auto Parking Permit Student lots only. See Parking Services for refund information.
WINTER 2021 $0
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