Quick Answer: Is there a student section at college football games?

Do colleges have student sections?

Naturally, the bigger stadiums have the larger student sections and that can make all the difference. There are however, some student sections that are loud and proud even if there are not as many students. Here are the top 50 college football student sections. Let the debate begin.

Who has the best student section in college football?

Penn State Wins ESPN’s Student Section of the Year Award

  • Penn State students were once again recognized by ESPN after Penn State’s 28-21 White Out victory over Michigan. …
  • The electric atmosphere of Penn State’s biggest home game of the season was certainly a memorable one.

What college has the biggest student section?

Kyle Field Facts

Texas A&M’s student section ranks as the largest in college football. Texas A&M sold nearly 36,000 student sports passes in 2021, which is a record for the current configuration of Kyle Field.

How can I make my student section better?

5 Ways To Improve Your Student Section

  1. Empower passionate students. It may seem obvious, but student sections are made of students. …
  2. Build a brand. I see a lot of brand-less marketing when it comes to collegiate athletics and student sections. …
  3. Create an exciting game day experience. …
  4. Collaborate. …
  5. Unleash the weirdness.

Are USC basketball games free for students?

Students receive complimentary admission to the regular-season, home games for the following sports. Simply swipe or show your USCard to gain entry. Please note that many events have limited capacity and students will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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What is a Penn State White Out game?

All White Out games are showcased with an advanced fireworks display lining the east and west (long ends) of Beaver Stadium. During these games, Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400 replaces Fight On, State as the fight song after Penn State scores. Michigan has appeared in the most White Out games, currently sitting at six.