What is the biggest junior college in the US?

What is the biggest junior college in the United States?

Lone Star College: Houston, TX

As both the most popular and largest major on campus, the curriculum is varied and customizable. The program is designed for students who want to transfer within two years.

Which state has the most junior colleges?

Number of Institutions

  • Across the United States there are 1,462 community colleges. Of these, 1,047 are public institutions and 415 private. ( …
  • In 2000-01 the states with the largest number of public community colleges were California, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, and New York. (

What age is junior college in America?

In most schools, compulsory education is divided into three levels: elementary school, middle or junior high school, and high school.

Educational stages.

Category College (University)
Undergraduate school
School Grade Level Third year: “junior year”
Ages 20-21

What is the number 1 community college in California?

Top 10 Community Colleges in California

#1 Irvine Valley College Irvine, CA
#2 Moorpark College Moorpark, CA
#3 Mt San Antonio College Walnut, CA
#4 Las Positas College Livermore, CA
#5 Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, CA
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Which state has best community colleges?

Best Community College Systems

Overall Rank (1 = Best) State State
1 Hawaii Missouri
2 Wyoming Montana
3 Washington Kansas
4 Maryland Georgia

Is it worth it to go to community college?

Attending a community college can be a good way for students to ease into the world of higher education and learn at their own pace. This is especially true for students who struggled in high school or anyone who’s unsure if they want to make the significant time and money investment in college, experts say.

Why are community colleges so cheap?

Across the board, community college is much more affordable. The average tuition is half that of a public university. Part of this is because community colleges are stripped down, avoiding things like big campus infrastructure and extracurricular programs that increase the overhead at large universities.

Is junior college the same as high school?

Junior college, also called community college, educational institution that provides two years of academic instruction beyond secondary school, as well as technical and vocational training to prepare graduates for careers. Public junior colleges are often called community colleges.

What is the difference between college and junior college?

Until the 1970s, all two-year postsecondary schools were referred to as junior colleges. … Since then, “junior college” has generally referred to private two-year schools, whereas “community college” has referred to public two-year schools.

Which state has the best college system?

New Jersey is the top state for education. It’s followed by Massachusetts, Florida, Washington and Colorado to round out the top five. Six of the 10 states with the best education systems also rank among the top 10 Best States overall. Learn more about the Best States for education below.

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How many junior colleges are there in the US?

As of 2020, there were 942 public community colleges in the United States.

Which states do not have community colleges?

These are Arkansas, Boston, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New York, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Seattle, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.