What is the difference between prospective student and applicant?

What is a prospective student?

Prospective students are students who might attend a school in the future. If you visit any college campus, you’ll see prospective students checking out the library, the dorms, and athletic facilities. Prospective indicates that something is expected or likely to happen.

What does it mean when a college calls you a prospective student?

It’s simple really: a prospective student is anyone who is considering attending a specific college or university. … College students or adults applying to graduate school. Students looking to transfer from a different college. Juniors in high school or younger who are starting their college search early.

What does a prospective applicant mean?

adj. 1 looking towards the future. 2 prenominal anticipated or likely.

What are prospective first year students?

A prospective student is a person who is considering attending a particular college or university but has not yet officially enrolled. Prospective students may take part in activities, such as open houses or campus tours, before deciding to enroll or not at the school.

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Is a prospective student accepted?

A prospective student is someone planning to attend a school but isn’t officially enrolled yet. They are eligible to study in a school of their choice and are part of a pool of applicants that the school can then choose from. During this time, they cannot officially attend classes.

What is another word for prospective students?

What is another word for prospective student?

applicant candidate
supplicant seeker
prospect entrant
competitor appellant
claimant postulant

What is a prospective transfer student?

In general, a transfer student is one who begins their college academic career at one institution, earns some credits through completion of coursework, and then decides for whatever reason to transfer to a different school to finish their education.

What is considered a current student?

current student means any enrolled student of the University, whether that person is enrolled as a full time, part time or external student.

How do you use prospective students in a sentence?

prospective students were invited to the school’s open evening.

What is the difference between perspective and prospective?

The difference between prospective and perspective is all in how you look at it. Prospective is used in the context of looking ahead to what might happen in the future. Perspective is used in the context of viewpoints or the position from which something is viewed.

Is it perspective student or prospective student?

Perspective means a view, vista, or outlook when used as a noun. Prospective means likely or expected to happen or become when used as an adjective. A good way to remember the difference is You can PERceive a PERspective.

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What is a prospective person?

adjective. 4. Prospective is defined as likely or expected. An example of someone prospective is a potential new client; a prospective client. An example of someone prospective is a student looking at colleges; a prospective student.

Is American University a good school?

American University is a wonderful school. However, it is very expensive. … It is a great school to attend if you know that you want to study in one of these schools, in the School of Communication, economics, history, and other related majors. However, there are students who study science at American University.

What is a prospective student athlete?

A prospective student-athlete is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. … The individual reports to an institutional orientation session that is open to all incoming students within 14 calendar days prior to the opening day of classes of a regular academic year term.

What grades do you need to get into American university?

Applicants require very good grades in high school to get into AU. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at American University was 3.7 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily A- students are accepted and ultimately attend.