Which colleges use iClicker?

Does UCLA use iClicker?

By far the most popular model on the UCLA campus is the iClicker2. We currently only offer that model for checkout.

What is an iClicker for college?

The iClicker remote ID Finder is a simple application that accepts students’ votes and then displays the iClicker remote ID on the instructor’s base LCD. This is useful in situations where the iClicker remote ID is illegible.

How do I join an iClicker class?

Log in to the iClicker Cloud instructor website and select your course. Navigate to the Settings section. Your Join Code is located in the first tab, Course Details, right above your institution and course discipline.

Can iClicker be used for multiple classes?

Can I use my i>clicker in multiple classes? The short answer is yes, you can use your i>clicker in multiple classes. There’s no need to buy one for each class. … If you have an original i>clicker or i>clicker + but your instructor requires i>clicker.

Is the iClicker app free?

Purchase an iClicker Reef subscription online through the iClicker Reef website or download the app from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). The app is free, but a subscription is required for use after the two-week trial.

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How does an iClicker work?

iClicker is a classroom interactive response system that allows students to participate in polls and answer questions during class. Students can respond with a physical iClicker remote or their mobile device using the Reef app (if enabled). iClicker offers two options for offering polls in your classroom.

Are clickers zombies?

Clickers are created when humans are infected with a mutated form of a fungus called cordyceps. Over time, an infected human loses brain function and becomes a zombie-esque creature referred to as a stalker, before eventually mutating into a clicker.

What is the purpose of iClicker?

iClicker is an audience response system that may be used as a simple tool to provide instant, anonymous feedback, or as a tool to promote active learning in the classroom and give students credit for class participation and/or performance.

Does iClicker cost money?

Creating an iClicker student account is free.

Can I use my phone as an iClicker?

A: Yes. iClicker Cloud supports the use of mobile devices and laptops in your class.

Can you use iClicker from home?

Yes. iClicker Cloud supports the use of mobile devices and laptops in your class. iClicker Cloud allows for students to participate using mobile devices and laptops by default. If you are using iClicker Classic, you must enable the use of mobile devices and laptops in your course settings.

How do you get iClicker from achieve?

Click the yellow banner to connect iClicker

If your instructor has set up an iClicker integration in your Achieve course, a yellow banner prompting you to connect to iClicker should appear at the top of your Achieve course. Click on the link in the banner to launch the iClicker login window.

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Do I have to register my iClicker for every class?

Do I need to register my remote for each class? No, you only need to register once. Once registered, your information will automatically apply to all of the classes in which you are enrolled and using i>clicker.

Can Iclickers be reused?

Yes. They can use a remote for any course that uses i>clicker for the rest of their college career at USU or elsewhere. They can also share remotes with other students, as long as they are not taking the same course as the person they are sharing with.

Why does iClicker say no base?

Make sure that you are set to the same frequency that your instructor is using. This is the most common cause of the “No base” message. The instructions are on the back of your remote. You can only change your frequency once a session has begun.