Public Health major offers new ministry opportunities for university students

It’s no secret that it’s the sick who need a doctor. Past the call of […]

O’Brien and Council of Seventy continue search for master plan

Kevin O’Brien, director of Alumni and Public Relations, admits that there is no set plan to […]

How we listen: An overview of how we listen to music in the modern age

In October 2001 the world changed forever. This change may not have been widely noticed, […]

Seasoned Johnson University professor brings life to academics

Longtime Johnson University professor, L. Thomas Smith, Jr. is taking on a new role as […]

Dean speaks on student life, how it effects more than one would think

It takes a special kind of person to be able to work with students, let […]

Director of alumni shares his roots and passion to maintain realtionships

Kevin O’Brien, Director of Alumni and Public Relations, confessed his love for singing.   “I loved […]

Students react to new form of social media

A new form of social media has become a controversial topic at Johnson University. Yik Yak, an app for smartphones, which allows members to post anything they want anonymously, has begun a rift in opinions of the students and staff of the University. While some think it is a fun way to express their selves, others have deemed it a new way to bully, bash and speak unkindly about fellow classmates.

SGA: Past, present, and future

Like every College, Johnson University has gone through many changes since it’s foundation. It has […]