Royals seen playing around (a game of golf)

Similar to the newness of the morning dew on a freshly cut putting green, Johnson University has started a golf team that widens the fairway of the athletic program.

More than 20 undergraduate students have expressed interest in starting a golf team, a lot more than was expected, said Ken Underwood, Johnson University’s Athletic Director and Men’s Soccer Coach.

“The unexpected amount of interest from students along with support from the Administration and Trustees was the determining factor for starting the golf team,” Underwood said.

Spenser Proctor, a 2012 graduate of JU, was asked to be the team’s new head coach, due to what Underwood described as his “institutional fit and desire to serve”.

“I had spoken to Ken about the possibility of helping with the golf team for quite a while before it became a reality,” Procter said.  “When I was a student here, there was always talks of getting together to play but there never really was enough interest to have an official team.”

There was so much interest that Proctor is having to look at holding tryouts.

“Now we can only keep eight players,” he said. “Although everyone who showed interest has not tried out we will have to cut two players for this semester.”

Kalab Smith, a Johnson University Sophomore, and potential golf team member, is optimistic for the team.

“When I originally applied for Johnson my intention was not athletics, but I had always wanted to be a college athlete,” he said. “I was discouraged when I found out that Johnson doesn’t have a golf team but I’m so pumped that I may finally be a college athlete.”

Students are excited to represent their faith as a part of the team.

“I feel like golf is a sport that I can play and give glory to God while I’m playing,” said Kenneth Lane, a potential golf team member. “Win or lose, we are going to be a team, we are just some normal guys enjoying a hobby together.”

The team members are also excited to grow along side one another. Grow as leaders, brothers and epically as Christians.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to grow in your game and grow in your spiritual life, I would recommend joining to anyone,” said Smith.

Johnson University’s Athletic department made funds available to have an organized golf team as part of the athletic program. Many undergraduate students have shown interest.

Officials at Johnson University have established an arrangement with Creekside Plantation golf course in Seymour, Tn. The arrangement allows the golf team to play three rounds of 18 holes for practice three times a week and unlimited rage balls for all members of the team.

“I hope to build a foundation of excellence as we all learn together what it looks like to run a successful golf program.” Proctor said. “As we take baby steps into that success we will compete a few times each semester and set high standards along the way. Most importantly, we will set out to grow each man involved in the team into a man of God.”



Kimberlin Heights Postmaster reflects as he preparers for retirement

Buster Smith always has gum and candy unhand to offer his patrons. (Photo by Spencer McGuire)

Buster Smith always has gum and candy onhand to offer his patrons. (Photo by Spencer McGuire)

Just like Gap Creek Elementary School and Johnson University, the Post office of

Kimberlin Heights has been part of the community for many years. But, despite the long history of the post office, it will soon close its door forever.

The last Postmaster to serve the community is Buster Smith, 88, who took the position in 1988. He did so after his wife, the previous post master, passed away that same year.

“I started really in 87 just working in here letting some else do all the other book work,” Smith said. “Then she passed away, and I had to do it all, so really 88 was when I really started work.”

During his time at the post office, Smith has had many opportunities to serve the faculty and students of Johnson University. Both have become very fond of Smith.

“…I was going over to buy some stamps… I encountered Buster,” said Matthew Shears, a junior at Johnson. “…He was very friendly.”

“He offered me gum, we chatted for a little bit, talked about Kimberlin Heights, and how he had been here for so long. It was a neat experience to get to talk to Buster.”

Smith shares a fondness of the students in turn.

“…Students come in here about everyday… they’re really good. I don’t have a thing to say against them at all,” Smith said.

Even though Smith has enjoyed his time as Postmaster, he has still had to deal with the many problems that every post office worker has encountered, paperwork being one he will not miss.

“ Whenever I was making out my 14/12…sending in all the money… a dollar had stuck together I reckon… The lady down at Wisegarber post office called and said ‘Buster you’re over a dollar…’ I said ‘just put it in your pocket, and I put one out over here to make it even,’ and she said ‘…I can’t do it that way,’” said Smith. “’So she told me to get my 14/12 out and she’d tell me everything to put down… and then she said ‘tomorrow I’ll fix it.’”

But regardless of these challenges, Smith has still enjoyed his time as Postmaster. He will miss working and talking to his customers.

“There’s a lot of them over there (at Johnson University) that told me they’d miss me,” he said. “I’ll miss them too, but it just can’t be helped. I’ll miss them.”

As for Smith’s plan for his retirement he said that he does not have anything special planned.

“I haven’t got no plan or nothing, but mowing the yard. I got nothing in mind yet,” he said.

Regardless of how Smith will spend his retirement, those who know him will miss him.


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