Director of alumni shares his roots and passion to maintain realtionships

Kevin O’Brien, Director of Alumni and Public Relations, confessed his love for singing.   “I loved every minute of it, worked so hard it was unbelievable, never thought about the traveling […]

Students react to new form of social media

A new form of social media has become a controversial topic at Johnson University. Yik Yak, an app for smartphones, which allows members to post anything they want anonymously, has begun a rift in opinions of the students and staff of the University. While some think it is a fun way to express their selves, others have deemed it a new way to bully, bash and speak unkindly about fellow classmates.

Retreats and Ethics: A closer look at how the senior capstone class works, and what the students learn in it

As many college students go through their senior year, many new things start to happen that do not typically happen in the years preceding it. As seniors in college approach […]

SGA: Past, present, and future

Like every College, Johnson University has gone through many changes since it’s foundation. It has been through three different name changes, old buildings have been repurposed, and new buildings have […]

Students carry chains to raise awareness

Members of the International Justice Mission Chapter at Johnson University plan to host an event again this year called Day of Chains. The event is meant to spread awareness of the growing issue of modern day slavery in all of its forms. Students both run the operation and participate by carrying real and rather large chains around a path to pray for the enslaved around the world.

Bottle of water opens door to salvation

Water Angels is a homeless ministry that takes in people, shows them the love of Christ and provides the resources for them to change their lives. Stephanie Mitchum gave the background of the organization, and Sam Burgin and Nellie Crothet shared their testimonies of how Water Angels helped them find Christ.

Johnson University unleashes day of service across Knoxville

The fifth annual K day of service, put on by Johnson University, happened on Sept. 17. Students fanned out across the greater Knoxville area to participate in various service projects, such as painting houses, and helping out at food pantries. Both the students, the community were impacted in a good way by this event

Students connect with refugees during summer

For two months out of the summer break two Johnson Students worked internships with a mission organization located in Houston. Both women were able to work with refugees, from various countries, to help them learn English. They also learned a lot about their culture and people. They learned shocking truths about the plight of the refugee, and how the refugee housing system works in the United States. Both received a deeper look into the shoes of people fleeing or their lives, and how difficult it can be to live in a foreign land.

Royals seen playing around (a game of golf)

For the first tim in Johnson University’s history, the athletic department now has a golf team. 2012 graduate Spencer Proctor is the new head coach. Proctor said that more than 20 students have signed up and showed interest in joining the team. The team has arrangements mad with Creekside plantation golf course that allows students to practice with free rounds of golf and unlimited range balls.

Kimberlin Heights Postmaster reflects as he preparers for retirement

The Kimberlin Heights Post Office will soon close. And when it does, Buster Smith, the long-time Post Master will hang up his hat. Smith reflects on nearly three decades as the PostMaster General.