International Justice Mission to take on club status for spring semester

The International Justice Mission chapel group has been changed to a club for the spring semester. After losing their faculty sponsor, IJM plans on making themselves present on campus through bi-weekly meetings hosted in a private dining room during dinner hours at the Gally Commons. President Alexis Lewis and Vice President Maggie Knors hope that the group will continue to grow, and see this as an opportunity to in cooperate students who may not have had the chance to attend the Wednesday morning chapel. Both Lewis and Knors plan on hosting smaller events during the semester, and strive to put IJM back on the list of chapel groups to attend in the fall.

Taking a lead; Future of IJM

The International Justice Mission on Johnson’s Tennessee campus recently has made the switch from a chapel group to a club. With the change, they hope that it opens the doors to students who may not have had the chance to attend the group before as well as gear up next year’s leader. Joshua Carpenter, a junior and English major attending the university plans on reestablishing IJM next year along with bringing new and fresh ideas to raise awareness to their cause.

Engaging creative side of college life

The Student Government Association created a group called the Creative Arts Council this past semester. The Council is composed of Student Government Association members and regular students who have a passion to bring a focus to the arts to Johnson’s Tennessee campus. Their goal is to encourage students who are artists, writers, theatrically inclined, and singers to begin exercising their passion for the arts as well as host events to showcase their talents in the future

Coach Fair sees baseball as ministry

Johnson University Baseball coach Ben Fair approaches baseball as more than just a competition.He sees an opportunity to build character in those who play for him and witness to those with whom they compete. Fair seeks for his team to be successful on the field this season while showcasing Christ-like behavior.

Patton reflects on events that lead her to Johnson

Rachael Patton, director of undergraduate education and elementary education in the Johnson University Templar School of Education, shares her love for education with students across the world, which, eventually led her to teach at Johnson University. Growing up as the child of missionaries in Seoul, South Korea Patton learned to appreciate other cultures. She developed … Read morePatton reflects on events that lead her to Johnson