How big is De Anza College?

How many students does De Anza College have?

De Anza College

Type Community college
Academic staff 300 full-time, 635 part-time
Students 21,526
Location Cupertino , California , United States
Campus 112 acres (45 ha)

What is De Anza College known for?

An Educational Hub. Located in the city of Cupertino, California, De Anza College sits at the center of world-famous Silicon Valley. … De Anza is known for being Tops in Transfer, with one of the highest rates in the state for student transfers to the University of California and California State University.

Is Foothill College good?

Foothill College was recently named the #1 online community college in California and the #3 online community college in the nation. The ranking considers such factors as retention rate, number of online associate degrees offered, and online enrollment percentage.

Is De Anza a semester or quarter?

At De Anza College you will receive your course credit in quarter units rather than semester units.

What is 2 year community college?

Community colleges are two-year colleges that enable you to start on a bachelor’s degree. You can take your first two years at a community college and then transfer to a four-year university to finish.

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How much does it cost per unit at De Anza College?

Tuition will increase from $193 per credit unit to $205 per unit. The enrollment fee will continue to be $31 per unit. The total cost per unit for the 2021-2022 academic year will be $236. (This doesn’t include campus-specific basic fees, paid by all students, which are not based on the number of units taken.)

How many classes should I take per quarter?

Generally, you’ll want to take either 3 or 4 main academic classes each quarter, depending on what they are. 1-2 unit courses are excellent ways to explore, but piling up too many can complicate your schedule.

Is SMC campus open?

The college’s main campus at 1900 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica and its five satellite campuses remain closed to the general public. Under LA County’s reopening protocols for higher education, campus activities are limited to essential functions strictly related to college activities.

Who is De Anza?

Juan Bautista de Anza (July 6 or 7, 1736 – December 19, 1788) was a New Spanish military officer, expeditionary, and politician, who operated in California and New Mexico.

Juan Bautista de Anza
Profession Explorer and Governor of New Mexico