What is Edpuzzle for students?

How do students use Edpuzzle?

With Edpuzzle, you can make any video your lesson in three easy steps: Find a video on YouTube, upload your own or re-use a video lesson created by another teacher. Then, edit the video to create your lesson. Record your voice to personalize it, and hold your students accountable by embedding questions in the video.

What is the purpose of Edpuzzle?

The overall purpose of EDpuzzle is to facilitate increased student engagement with video content. With the ability to personalize videos, add engaging assessment elements, and use created videos to track/grade student learning, videos can be enhanced to achieve targeted goals for learning.

What is Edpuzzle for kids?

A free online platform that allows you to share interactive video lessons with your students, Edpuzzle has been beloved by elementary teachers for over 5 years now. Read on for some quick tips on how to use Edpuzzle with your elementary students – your kiddos will thank you!

Is Edpuzzle free for students?

Edpuzzle is 100% free for teachers and students. Our goal is to never charge a teacher for using Edpuzzle because, as former teachers, we don’t think you should ever have to pay out of pocket for the resources you use in class! With our free Basic Plan, you can store up to 20 videos in your account.

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Can students create an Edpuzzle?

Yes! If you assign a student project, then your students can create their own video lessons, allowing you to engage with them using project-based learning. To assign a student project, follow these steps: … Now, the project will automatically appear under the “My Content” tab, below all of your videos.

What grade level is Edpuzzle for?

Intended for children under 13. Collection or use of data is limited to product requirements. Personal information is not displayed publicly. Users can interact with trusted users and/or students.

How many people use Edpuzzle?

EDpuzzle is an education video platform with over 3 million teachers and students around the world.

Why is EdPuzzle so good?

EdPuzzle is the perfect tool for allowing students to watch and engage with videos while the teacher gathers data throughout the lesson. … EdPuzzle allows you to take a video from Youtube, Kahn Academy, Learn Zillion, Crash Course or you can upload your own video and manipulate the portion that you need.

How do I create my own EdPuzzle?

How to Use EdPuzzle

  1. Go to EdPuzzle.
  2. Choose teacher account.
  3. Click “Sign Up” and register for an account.
  4. Return to EdPuzzle and login.
  5. Go to my classes option on the top.
  6. Click on “add class” option to create a class. Name your class. …
  7. Search for a video on the channels offered on the left side (e.g., EdPuzzle, YouTube, Vimeo)

Why is EdPuzzle locked?

(Playback ID:xxxxxxx)”, this issue is almost always caused by ad blocker browser extensions like AdBlock, PoperBlocker, uBlock, etc. Either pause or disable it (go to your browser settings and then to extensions) while you’re using Edpuzzle to see if that fixes the issue.

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Can you do Edpuzzle live?

With Edpuzzle’s Live Mode feature, you can project your video live in front of the whole class while students answer in real-time on their own devices! To start a live assignment, select a video from your content and assign it to a class.

What is ThingLink education?

ThingLink is an award-winning education technology platform that makes it easy to augment images, videos, and virtual tours with additional information and links. Over 4 million teachers and students use ThingLink for creating accessible, visual learning experiences in the cloud.

How many times can a student take an Edpuzzle?

At the moment, you can only have one attempt at the questions during a video lesson, but we do offer an option for teachers to reset your progress at any point before or after you’ve completed the assignment. If you’d like to redo the assignment, you can ask your teacher if they would reset your progress.